Evolution announces Monopoly Big Baller

Monopoly Big Baller announced by Evolution

The Swedish gaming developer Evolution has launched its new live game show Monopoly Big Baller. It will be a bingo-style game based on the world-renowned board game, Evolution announced in a press release on Wednesday 24-08-2022.

The game features an automated live ball draw accompanied by a live host. Added to this is the augmented reality bonus game Mr. Monopoly, which offers players the chance for higher payouts.

The players also encounter functions such as the event and community fields, but also “go to jail” or “income and additional tax”.

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Todd Hausher, Chief Product Officer at Evolution, said:

Mr MONOPOLY is back! We have a large segment of players who love bouncing ball bingo and lottery games. For example, our Mega Ball game is extremely popular. Now MONOPOLY Big Baller offers another unique live game show – and one that is visually and thematically very different.

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The new evolution game Monopoly Big Baller

As with bingo, players are dealt cards with numbers on them. Then 20 balls with numbers are drawn. If any of the numbers drawn match the numbers on the player cards, this square will be marked. The aim of the game is to complete one or more rows. Then a payment is made.

Each player also receives two cards for the bonus game. There are three numbers on one card and five on the other. When all the numbers on one of the cards have been marked, the bonus game is activated.

Monopoly game board

(The players roll the dice like in the real board game Monopoly. (Image: Evolution)
The Monopoly board game appears in this bonus round. Players who qualify for the bonus round receive three or five rolls of the dice. Mr. Monopoly then moves across the board.

On the squares where Mr. Monopoly stops, big prizes can be hidden. But losses can also occur, for example when tax payments are due. Household describes the bonus game as “the centerpiece of this new game”.

The Chief Product Officer added:

Monopoly is a mega brand and the basic principle of the board game is well understood and loved all over the world.

Monopoly Big Baller wraps that brand equity into a new live online game show . The developers of Evolution are sure that this game will not only appeal to Monopoly and Bingo fans, but also to a new and wider audience.

Author: Nora Barnett