8 Secrets About Online Casinos

Online casino secrets that you should know about

The online casino secrets you should know about

The number of online casinos is multiplying and more people are signing up to enjoy the wide range of casino games offered. For some, this is an entirely new world. And for others, it’s only a shift from the physical to an online platform. Whichever way, you may want to learn some facts that will help you understand and find your way around the gaming platforms.

Below are the top secrets to help you navigate the online casinos, enjoy the games and make some money.


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How an Online Casino Really Works

An online casino is just like a physical casino; only that it operates on a web-based casino platform. It offers all the games that a physical casino offers and more because there is no space restriction. The casino uses advanced software and payment systems that make it possible for players to gamble with real money.

First, you sign up for an account using your details and when ready to start playing, deposit some real money to your gaming account. You then click on the games category and choose a game to play. The screen that appears has a button that lets you adjust the amount you wish to place and another button with the spin command.

The casino software deducts the amount you stake for each spin from your account. If you win, your winnings are added to your account balance.

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The Truth About Online Slots

Playing Slot on a mobile online casino

Online slots are an online version of the traditional slot machines but with different offers like bonus rounds, several pay lines, random jackpots and others. If you have experience with the conventional setup, it should be easy to get acquainted with the online platform. But some people find that online slots are more straightforward and provide better winning chances.

One of the secrets to note about online slots is that the more money you wager, the more frequent the payouts are. But remember that the slot machines are pre-programmed to give fixed payouts. So, if you have high wagers, the payouts are frequent but constant. Playing with a slot strategy can help you win more but is not guaranteed.

It’s also true that putting large bets does not guarantee an eventual win. Since the slots work purely by chance, the amount you bet does not increase your chances of winning. Slot machines function independently and have no memory of your previous spins, wagers and wins.

Some people also believe that the more you play a particular game, the higher your chances of winning. This is false because the computer algorithm is set for independent usage, which means that all players are treated equally regardless of their time playing a game.

Lastly, hitting the jackpot does not mean that you cannot win another immediately after. Since the game is built on fairness, winning one time does not lower your chances of winning again.



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Casino Bonus Terms Explained

A cash bonus is the amount of money that you can withdraw from our account once you have met the wagering requirements. On the other hand, a play bonus is a bonus for playing only, with no withdrawal.

Wagering requirements are the basic terms and conditions you must meet before you can claim a casino bonus. The bonus must be ‘cleared’ based on these requirements before you can make a withdrawal.

The size of stake is the stipulation that the casino places indicating the maximum amount you can wager. Maximum winnings are the limit of the amount you can win when playing using bonus funds. Time limitation is the timeframe within which you must meet specific wagering requirements

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House Edge and the Best Paying Games

Another one of the best kept online casino secrets is about the House edge. The house edge is the mathematical advantage the host casino has over you as you play. The house edge ensures the casino collects a percentage of the money you wager, which for players, is an assured percentage loss of the money they bet. So, if the game has a 90% RTP, the money the house keeps over time, 10%, is its edge.

The best paying game in a casino is the game that has the highest payout. It must have a low house edge to increase the amount you stand to win. La Partage Roulette is one of the best paying games with the lowest house edge, but also Video Pokers are known for their great payouts.

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RTP Explained

Return to player (RTP) is the predetermined percentage value of wagers that a game can give to the player over time after playing on a VLT or a slot machine. For example, if the game has a 90% RTP and you place a hundred one- Canadian dollar bets, you could get C$90 back. But, note that RTP is calculated in the long term.

Responsible Gaming Tools

Responsible gaming (RG) tools are designed to help players avoid the possible harm while engaging in online gambling activities. Each of the tools keeps track of a particular aspect of your gambling to keep you from going overboard.

Using this tools is one of the best kept Online casino secrets, because i means less profit for the operators when set. A deposit limit, for example, allows you to set the limit on the amount of money you can deposit into your gaming account on a monthly, weekly or daily basis. A loss limit sets a barrier on the money you can lose monthly, weekly or daily. When you get to the specified limit, you can no longer wager, meaning that you cannot continue to lose.

You can limit your playtime with a session limit that gives you a warning when your time is almost up, then automatically logs you out of the game when you reach your time limit. A wagering limit puts a plug on the money you can wager each day, week or month.

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The Truth About Jackpots

Casinos offer different types of jackpots, ranging from a progressively increasing jackpot to a fixed jackpot total. The jackpot could also be unique to the host casino or shared across the game’s specific network and available to players in different casinos. The online slots are the ones that commonly have jackpot sums attached and the prizes could be in the form of cash wins or free spins that increase the chances of winning.

Another one of the best kept Online casino secrets is that Jackpots can be won.  But the chance of hitting them is very slim.

Many people claim that jackpot machines are rigged, but that is not the case. The games offer a possibility of winning, but the odds of doing so are very slim. Still, the jackpot is worth playing because there have been some real wins in the past and you could get lucky too.

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Recognizing Fair Online Casinos

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The way to know if the online casino you are considering is fair is to check a few items. First, check its licensing because failure to have it means the casino does not uphold the online gaming standards.

Second, check the casino’s reviews on the internet to see the experience of others that used it before. Third, check the slot certificates at the bottom of the casino’s home page. They are issued to ascertain that the casino complies with the declared parameters of recoil and dispersion.

In closing, observe the eight online casino secrets above and you will have an easy time playing on fair and secure online casinos. But, experience is also valuable because as you interact with games, the support and the casino owners, you will have more in-depth information about your chosen platform and how to navigate it.

Author: Nora Barnett